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Noa Deutsch

Hi, my name is Noa and I am the founder of EmpowerHer Cycling.

I started riding competitively as a package deal when she took on triathlon racing at 11 years old. I raced for 10+ years before shifting my focus to studying sport science / coaching & working with endurance athletes.

I grew up around bikes, in and out of different bike shops, and have always had a strong network of cyclists around me, often as the only girl. I learned a lot over the last 25+ years I have been involved in the sport and I am excited to pass the expertise I have gained on to others in my day to day work. 

I love everything cycling & my day isn't complete without either working on a bike or riding one! I currently works with athletes as a bike fitter, coach and sport nutritionist through Performance Training, my business of 12 years. You can read more about me on this intro blog post and click on the link below for my more 'official' bio!

When I'm not working, I run, ride my bike(s), go to the gym, read at least one book a month and travel a lot, chasing light in epic locations with a lot of camera gear... 


Want to get to know me a bit better?

Personal Instagram: @lunarpulsing


Christie Gibbs

Hi! My name is Christie, and I am so excited to be a part of the team at EmpowerHer Cycling.

When you start riding bikes, it can be incredibly intimidating. It feels like there’s so much to learn, bike shops are scary, and no one else seems to suffer on the hills as much as you do. A lot of my introduction to cycling involved chasing my guy friends around, feeling very slow, and figuring a whole lot out for myself.

Five years later, I can’t imagine where my life would be if I never started riding bikes. Cycling has made me mentally and physically stronger. It has introduced me to an amazing network of strong, empowered women. It has introduced me to my boyfriend, and it has introduced me to an industry that I hope I’ll be working in for many years to come. Something that I really love about being a part of the bike industry is that I’m able to act as a resource for women who are feeling equally as lost and overwhelmed when they fall in love with cycling.

When I’m not helping Noa with EmpowerHer Cycling, I am the Administration and Accounts Manager at Bicicletta, a road-specific bike shop in Vancouver, BC. When I’m not doing that, you’ll find me ferry-hopping to new cycling destinations, bike-camping, hiking, skiing or just all-around adventuring. I can’t wait to share more stories with you all!


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