Top 10 Spring Cycling Essentials - 2018

You know how the saying goes - 'April showers bring May flowers'.... You know what else comes in May? Better weather to get on your bike and ride outdoors! WooHoo! We got pretty excited about nicer weather, longer days and more time spent on our bikes, so we decided to kick things off in style, with some of our top 10 spring clothing essentials - We are super excited to share it with you!


EmpowerHer Spring Essentials.jpg

Spring Cycling Essentials

1. Assos Tiburu Evo7 Glove

Tiburu gloves have been on Spring hikes, they’ve been cross-country skiing and they’ve spent MANY a day on the bike. Even on “warm” spring days, they always make an appearance in our jersey pockets.

2. Velocio Luxe Bibshort - Charcoal

Velocio bibs are our year-round go-to bibs. The Luxe has a slightly heavier denier than their predecessor, the Signature Fly, which makes them perfect for breezy days. The fit is flattering and beautiful, you can ride in the chamois comfortably all day long and you don’t even have to take your jersey off for bathroom breaks.

3. Patagonia Houdini Jacket - Pink

It’s not cycling specific, but the Houdini Jacket is another item that rarely gets left at home. It comes in a variety of  colours and packs down smaller than a spare tube. Once you have a lightweight packable jacket (or vest!) it’ll be hard to imagine any mountain descent, any post-ride sunset at the beach or any ferry ride to a new cycling destination without one.

4. Velocio Knee Warmer

Just in case. The sun comes out and we’re all too excited for bare legs and crisp tan lines, but sometimes we still need a little extra coverage.

5. Rapha Merino Mesh Base Layer - Black

Because - wool! Once we started acquiring wool base layers, it was hard to go back to wearing anything else. Wool will keep you warm, even when damp - this could apply to getting caught in a surprise Spring shower, or the cool-down after a hard workout.

6. Oakley EVZero Stride Sunglasses - Sapphire

Our new all-time-favourite cycling glasses. Frameless, ultra lightweight, and they look amazing on everyone. Sapphire & Prizm Trail are standout low-light lenses.

7. Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Bra

See point #5 - because, wool!

8. The Athletic Elevation Wool Sock - Grey and Navy

It’s wool again. We love The Athletic socks for all seasons, wool or no wool.

9. Velocio ES Long Sleeve Jersey - Blue

We’re huge advocates for owning a cute long sleeve jersey instead of always relying on a Summer jersey with arm warmers. The Velocio ES Long Sleeve has a fleece-lined collar and cuffs to keep your neck and wrists toasty on cooler days, and a water resistant zippered pocket to keep your valuables safe and dry.

10. Cafe Du Cycliste LouLou Neck Warmer - White/Blue

For days that you’re not wearing a jersey with a high collar like the Velocio ES. In case you hadn’t already guessed - it’s another wool piece, and we’re just huge suckers for wool.


Note that the EmpowerHer Cycling home base is in Vancouver, BC... But there is still quite a bit of cross over for our friends in the Southern hemisphere... Not to mention that many of these items can be used during other activities too :)

What are your favorite spring time riding essentials? Do you have any exciting spring and summer riding plans? Comment below, we would love to hear from you!