Protecting your lady parts

Discomfort down under is by far one of the most common things I deal with as a bike fitter, for both men and women... But mostly women! It is a sensitive issue and one with no clear cut answer, as there are so many variables!

As a result, when I came up with the idea that has now evolved into EmpowerHer Cycling, that was the very topic I wanted to tackle first, which is why I created the Protecting Your Lady Parts guide. The guide is comprehensive and full of real, raw talk.

Protecting your lady parts

We are here to help with 6 tips to a more comfortable ride! 

What I want women to know, is that they are not alone... If you have experienced discomfort during or after riding, down there (currently or previously), you are the norm, not the exception.

If the answer is no, well... You could possibly be a unicorn!

Below is the introduction to the guide. Do you want the full thing? Keep on reading and fill in your details using the form at the bottom of this post, then we will send it to you. If you don't want to wait to get your hands on it, I can't blame you... In that case, skip reading the introduction and just scroll to the bottom!

Saddle woes can certainly have a negative impact on your riding, regardless of how experienced you are in the saddle. While women are more susceptible to problems compared with men, we simply do not voice our concerns as often and as openly as men do, creating a vicious cycle, as it is harder to fix problems if they are not openly known. Most women do not talk about how their lady parts are doing during and/or after rides and some think saddle related discomfort is normal and just something they have to live with. 

The most notable barrier is that many women are embarrassed by this kind of conversation, unsure if they should discuss their lady parts troubles with others and how to bring up such a sensitive topic. The thing is, by having a better, open and public conversation, bike industry leaders will be able to listen, which will hopefully lead to positive change and innovation to help solve the problems almost all women face on the bike. 

While some issues can not be avoided all together, the good news is that they can be minimized significantly! 

I have put together the top 6 tips to a more comfortable ride, because I want you to be happy in the saddle, love your ride and spend more time on the road (or trails) - it is exclusively available for our subscribers - get it below!

Happy riding,
  - Noa