A Game of 20 Questions with Marianne MacLean

This week's feature is Marianne from Vancouver, who races cross and does quite a bit of bike packing trips, especially ones that involve a ferry ride!

Meet Marianne

Location: Vancouver, BC

Follow Marianne: @wzrdlyfe


1. How long have you been riding bikes?
About three years.

2. How did you get acquainted with cycling?
My partner is an avid cyclist and I knew if I wanted to spend more time together it would need to be on a bike. Funny enough I now spend more time riding with friends than with him (sorry Dan!!).

3. What kind of riding do you do? (track, mtb, road, cx, all of the above, etc)
Road, CX and trying out xc mountain biking this year!

4. How many bikes have you owned throughout your time cycling?

5. How many bikes do you currently own?

6. What is your dream bike?
I’m currently building up a custom cross bike that I hope will be my dream bike!!

7. What is your most memorable cycling experience?
For road either waking up at 4am to pre-ride the Gran Fondo course road closures up to Britannia Beach a few years ago or finally completing the Festive 500 last winter.  For off road probably riding around Quadra Island last summer.

8. How many of your friends ride bikes?
Almost all of them! If not as “serious cyclists” at least as commuters/casual beer riders.

9. Do you prefer riding alone, in a small group or a large group?

With one other person or a small group.

10. Have you ever travelled with your bike? Where?
Lots of bike packing trips to the islands! Furthest I’ve taken my bike is probably Kelowna?

11. What is the biggest challenge you faced when you started riding bikes?
Not knowing any ladies in the cycling community and being too nervous to make it out to group rides where I could actually meet ladies.

12. What are your cycling goals for this year?
Ride as much as I can and have fun! If I can get a bit faster and improve my technical skills while enjoying myself I’m happy.

13. What is your post-ride ritual?
A beer and a bath.

14. Bibs or non-bibs?

15. Do you believe that your socks should be at least 5” long, or, short?
Usually 5” but I have a pair of knee high wool socks that saved my life last winter.

16. What is your hairstyle preference while cycling?
Low ponytail.

17. What snacks are always in your jersey pocket?
Cliff blocks! I like the margarita flavour :)

18. Cycling specific sunglasses or casual glasses?
Casual, everyone looks cute in cycling specific but I haven’t found the right pair for my face yet.

19. Bar tape loud and bright, or black and classic?
Bright!!! Preferably yellow.

20. What advice would you give to other women who are just starting out?
If you’re nervous about group riding try out a clinic or go to beginner group rides that focus on skill building it will give you a lot more confidence and you’ll meet a bunch of rad people to ride with!!


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