20 questions with Zoe Saccio

Welcome to the first edition of ' a game of 20 questions'!

Our goal is to post quick and fun introductions to women who ride bikes in the format of 20 'rapid fire' questions. We want to inspire, share and grow a global community of female cyclists of various ability levels, from beginners to pro's.

Our first feature is with Zoe Saccio. We were sitting at Bicicletta, brainstorming ideas for the blog. Zoe was working at the time, so we just flat out told her she is going to be our first feature. Good thing she is a good sport - enjoy!


Meet Zoe Saccio


Age: 21 years old  |  Location: Vancouver, BC

Follow Zoe's cycling journey on Instagram: @zoepistachio | @zomeister43

1) How long have you been riding bikes? 5 years

2) How did you get acquainted with cycling? I used my bike to get from my house to my barn. (8 miles!)

3) What kind of riding do you do? Road & Track

4) How many bikes have you owned throughout your time cycling? Maybe 8. 9 . A lot.

5) How many bikes do you currently own? Track bike, road bike, fixie.

6) What is your dream bike? Oh. Maybe a BMC. Or possible the track bike I already have.

7) What is your most memorable cycling experience? When I went to Bowen and the hills were so steep I actually fell over going up.

8) How many of your friends ride bikes? Pretty much all of them!

9) Do you prefer riding alone, in a small group or a large group? Alone or with one other person. Unless it’s a race, then as many as possible.

10) Have you ever traveled with your bike? Where? Yes, but not far. Just around the islands close to Vancouver. And down to Seattle for races 

11) What was the biggest challenge you faced when you started riding bikes? Not knowing what to wear. Probably looking terrible and being pretty uncomfortable.

12) What are your cycling goals for this year? To have fun and win my target races (or at least do okay).

13) What is your post-ride ritual? I drink my Alete protein mix. And I rub my legs with coconut oil.

14) Bibs or non-bibs? Bibs all the way!!!!!!!!

15) Do you believe that your socks should be at least 5” long, or short? At least 5 inches or don’t even bother wearing any.

16) What is your hairstyle preference while cycling? Two little buns, very low.

17) What snacks are always in your jersey pocket? One slice of banana bread.

18) Cycling specific sunglasses or casual glasses? Cycling specific, unless I’m just going to coffee or a brewery.

19) Bar tape loud and bright, or black and classic? Bright is pretty fun!

20) What advice would you give to other women who are just starting out? Invest in a good chamois and try to find other women around you who ride bikes, because it’s super fun.

Stay tuned for next week's feature... If you want to be featured, get in touch. You can even simply answer the questions above and email us the answers! We would love to feature ALL women who ride bikes, regardless of where they are from, their age, ability or experience level.