10 Items that every women needs in her saddle bag

To saddle bag or not to saddle bag? Say goodbye to overstuffed jersey pockets, and never find yourself caught without this list of essentials.  At the moment we’re loving anything by Silca - pictured below is the “Seat Roll Premio” saddle bag.

Saddle Bag Flatlay.jpg


1. Spare tube - Rubbers

This one’s a no brainer - the most essential piece of the flat tire changing puzzle! If you don’t have the skills (yet!) or the other tools, carrying your own spare tube is (in our opinion) the bare minimum of self-sufficiency.

2. Patch kit

We’ve met dozens of people over the years that rely on patch kits over spare tubes. We disagree. We think it’s important to carry a tire patch, but only for emergencies or those really annoying multi-flat kinda days. When you buy a tube from Rubbers, it comes with a complimentary patch!

3. Tire levers - Silca Tire Levers Premio

Emphasis on levers, plural. I (Christie) carried a single lever in my saddle bag until earlier this year, and after being stuck wrestling with my wheels a few times, borrowing levers from fellow riders, using the arms of my sunglasses as a DIY lever... I finally added more.

4. 2 x Co2 cartridges

Speaking as the queens of mis-firing Co2... you just need two of them. If you’re us - hopefully one of your friends carries a pump. Our faves come with a sleeve to protect your hands during inflation. 

5. Co2 inflator - Lezyne Trigger Drive

That confusing little thing you plug your Co2 into. The Lezyne Trigger Drive is a personal favourite as it threads onto your valve, instead of you holding it onto your valve. These things take practice, and even if you don’t know how to use it - carry one with you, someone will be able to help!

6. Multi tool - Silca Nove Italian Army Knife

For on-the-spot minor adjustments. We pretty much never use ours - but on the rare occasion that a seatpost clamp or handlebar comes loose - it will get you back on your way.

For these next few items - put them in your saddle bag, and then completely forget about them forever (or until the day comes that you need them!)

7. Emergency snack

No matter how prepared you are, sometimes you have days where you just need a little extra something. A gel or some chews are the ideal “emergency snack” - small and packable, and able to deliver energy to your body super fast.

8. Emergency cash

Maybe you lost your card mid-ride, or maybe you end up somewhere that only takes cash. (Pro-tip - your spare $20 could also act as an excellent tire boot in desperate times).

9. Emergency tampon

Because sometimes life just surprises you, and carrying one in your saddle bag is way better than trying to stuff a whole box of them in your pockets after a frantic search for a gas station.

10. Emergency first aid

Keep it basic - sterile wipes & band aids are all you need. Wipeouts happen when we least expect them to, and being able to wipe down our bleeding knees is a luxury we all deserve.